Picnic 2019

Wednesday Night Ministry is called Etch

“Ingraining the truth of Christ in the lives of his followers.”

That is the purpose of Etch. It’s our new/old way of doing ministry… TOGETHER! Etch is intergenerational. It’s a time for all ages to interact with one common purpose: Discipleship. Together, we’ll share stories of how God interacts with us in our everyday lives and pass on his truths to all generations.

When you arrive on Wednesday evening, there will be a meal to kick off the evening and tables for us to meet and enjoy a few moments in the week together. You will see families, friends, children, adults, and all in between. You’ll witness the body of Christ investing in each other’s lives.

The evening will be focused on experiencing discipleship. Through drama, video, music, conversation, and so much more our aim is to put the gospel in the hands of Christ’s followers and allow them to pass it on to those around them.

Wednesday Night Ministry: Let Go

Another video update. This video kicks off the first of five videos on the 5 Values of the new Wednesday Night Ministry. Keep checking back for more updates! Plus, if you have any questions and need some answers, please contact us via commenting below, through email, calling the office, etc.

Also, if you’d like to stay updated on the latest events and happenings at ECOB. Get out your phone and text the word ECOB to the number 40650.