Proposed Name Change

Yesterday, we conducted a membership vote for the purpose of deciding “Should the Eaton Church of the Brethren name be changed and the name change process be continued?”  The vote was either a “yes, the name of the church should be changed and the name change process continued” or “no, the name of the church should not be changed and the name change process should not be continued.”  For each vote that comes before the congregation it is required for the elders to determine the percentages necessary for the vote.  This particular vote required a “Regular Quorum” of attendance, which is 10% of the overall membership required to be present in order to be able to conduct a vote.  Once quorum is reached this particular vote required an “Overwhelming Majority” (75%) of the then present quorum for the vote to pass.

The results of the membership vote yesterday were 119 votes (73%) “yes” and 44 votes (27%) “no”.  Therefore, the proposal did not pass and the name of the church will not be changed and the name change process will be discontinued.

As we reflect on the results of this vote it’s important for us to acknowledge that some are disappointed and some are pleased.  Both emotions are important and how we walk and care for one another in this season is even more important.  We must remember that regardless of the results, we are still called to be unified as a part of the body of Christ and carry out our mission to be and make disciples.

You see, it’s in these moments that we truly must live out what we believe.  We must trust God, His timing, and His purposes.  This is not a time to be consumed by the “what if’s” or even the “I told you so’s.”  It is not a time to position ourselves against those who voted differently than we did. It is a time for us to come together more than ever and live into our mission as a church.  It is a time for us to stand unified as the body of Christ.  It is the time for us to reflect on what we’ve learned during this season and move forward with more confidence than ever in our God, to accomplish His will through us!

I want to thank our name change team of Audrey Burton, Casey Woddell, Conni Deaton, Doyle Brower, and Jeff Wassom.  These individuals have worked hard over the last six months and gave many hours to help us as a church understand our culture better.  Thank you team!  It was a joy serving with you.

As your Sr. Pastor, I ask that each of us continue to pray for focus on our specific role in the collective role of our church family.  As believers, each of us have been gifted to serve generously in the name of Christ.  Pray for any and every opportunity to serve and share the Gospel, take a step of faith in a new way to trust God, and finally, allow the Holy Spirit to have His way as your counselor and guide!

Looking forward to sharing life together and sharing Christ with those who don’t know Him.

Pastor Dan



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