RockHouse Mission Trip: Kansas City

On the Kansas-Missouri border in the heart of America, lies Kansas City (approx 2.2 million people in the metro area). Called the “Paris of the Plains”, this beautiful city has become an epicenter for prayer as thousands make the pilgrimage to the Kansas City International House of Prayer every year. But behind the fountains and cheerfully lit boulevards are people who live in a broken and shattered world. -Adventures in Missions

On Saturday, 16 youth and four adults will be leaving at 6am to travel from Eaton, OH to Kansas City, MO; an eight and a half hour journey! Our main purpose: To share the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who is willing to receive Him.

The Mission

We’ll be serving Kansas City in several ways. We will be working with a local soup kitchen and women’s shelter, helping the elderly and widowed with yard and house work, supporting a local church ministry through prayer walks and VBS promotions. We will also be utilizing our prayer walk times to look for open doors to have conversations with anyone willing to talk with us (with the hopes our conversations lead to discussion about Jesus Christ).

Everyone Deserves a Conversation

In John 4, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at the well, and he asks her for a drink. For many reasons (too many to get into here), this is taboo for Jesus’ time and culture. Jesus shouldn’t be talking with this woman, but still he does! He breaks the social barriers of the time and simply talks with her… which ultimately lead her to discovering there is more to life than the life she’s living, and that LIFE is in front her asking her for a drink!

Our theme for the week is “Everyone Deserves a Conversation”. Much of the opportunities we have to serve this week will put us in positions to minister to those who society has rejected, or maybe they’re forgotten, or maybe some have deemed them unworthy to talk to. We hope to have conversations with them, and just as Jesus began his conversation with something as simple as water… we hope to have simple conversations that lead to salvation and direction to a local church for them to be involved with.

Here’s what you can prayer for:

  • God’s will to be done (on earth as it is in heaven)
  • Courage to speak
  • Leading of the Holy Spirit and obedience on our part to follow
  • That God continues his protection in and over us
  • The 4 leaders (and leaders in KC) to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit

Here are the students and leaders going by name:

Leaders: Pastor Josh, Mark & Joy Yeazel, Bethany Smith
Students: Aaron Clark, Chloe Clippinger, Gracie Crumbaker, Mallory Deaton, Danielle Denlinger, Jacob Denlinger, Kira Duncan, Trinity Eddy, Jayda McQueen, Jacque Owens, Caleb Sinks, Joshua Sinks, Abigail Towe, Noah Towe, Michael Watkins, Sariah Williams

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