February 9, 2018


Hi Everyone,

What a privilege it is to me to become a part of the story God is writing here at ECOB! God has already been at work in so many ways in your church; I can see that in what you have already done for the children, and in hearing how God has worked in your lives.

But I’m also excited about what God has ahead, especially for the children here at ECOB. God placed a tiny little bit of His love for children in my own heart; sometimes with only that, my heart feels overwhelmed with His depth of love for them.

And, to God, children are not “junior Christians” who just need to be babysat until they get old enough to become “real” Christians; they can become faithful followers now who have an impact for His Kingdom in powerful ways.

Creating a strong and life-changing children’s ministry takes a great deal of work, a well-trained team of passionate volunteers, and a church that is ready to put their hands to the plow and work for His Kingdom! If we’re willing to do what it takes, there’s no limit to what God can do here, not just IN our children, but THROUGH our children. I’m ready!

Yours for His children,

Miss Coleen



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