June 15, 2018

BSE Banner (Better Quality)

We’ve officially started our newest campaign! Our desire is to help you place Christ at the center of your summer and make this truly the Best Summer Ever. Buckets and Summer “Bored” Games are available at the Life@Home Resource Center.  All of our summer resources are also on our website: eatoncob.org/lifehome.

SSS for FB

  • Registration closes Monday
  • Forms are available online or at the church
  • For kids going into 1st Grade through 6th Grade (Classes for parents also)
  • It’s not too late to serve – contact Miss Coleen
  • Items we’d like to borrow:
    • Colorful beach towels
    • Beach umbrellas
    • Surfboards
    • Beach chairs
    • Sleeping bags
    • Boogie boards
    •  5 gallon buckets
    • Old blankets (to sit on the ground)
    • Tents (10X20 or 2 10X10’s)





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