September 14, 2018

Celebrating 2018 Picnic

Wow! Our worship service was close to 400 and we served approximately 355 meals! Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s picnic as we enjoyed time with each other by sharing a meal and having good fun & fellowship together.

The planning team extends a big, big Thank You to all of the One Another Groups, Ministry teams and countless individuals who stepped up and helped our team to accomplish  all the work details to ensure a wonderful time together.

Judy and I want to recognize and thank those from the Picnic Planning Team, Deb Tinstman, Regina Hapner, Brenda Hamilton, Leah & Bill Jennings, Walt & Tina Locker, and all who worked so hard to make this event a success.

Thank you to our church family,
Dean & Judy Weller



Some people ask, why not just have people take turns caring for our littlest ones in the nursery?  It’s the easiest for us grown-ups – that’s what is CONVENIENT for us.  But that is not what is easiest for the children.

When children have a different care-giver every week, they have to go through the pain of separation anxiety yet again.  Instead of getting to know a caregiver and becoming comfortable with that person, they have to get used to a new person every week.   Children thrive best when a caregiver knows them as individuals, when the caregiver knows the needs and uniquenesses of each child, what calms a specific baby, or what each child responds to best.

So, for our Wednesday night programs this year, we are looking to hire a caregiver, a paid person who will be there every Wednesday.  That person will come to know each little one deeply and provide a high quality of care for them.  If you know a caring, committed Christian who would love serving God in this way, and perhaps could be helped by a small remuneration, invite them to contact Miss Coleen.

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