Where is Indiana Jones?!

Mysterious underground Tunnels…gaping caverns…treasures discovered in the sands and dirt of ancient times – all images that we associate with the famous Indiana Jones!  He made archeology exciting and often a “wanna-be” for many little boys.  But imagine inspiring children – not to treasures or gold – but to explore God Himself and to rise up to be and become spiritual giants of the next generation!   That’s part of what could happen this summer through the movie we’re now working to film.

But we can’t really get started until we have one final actor – the one who plays an Indiana Jones’ type role.   God has blessed us with all the other actors we need (Thanks, God!) but we’re still praying about this final person.  No one does a ministry like this because it is easy – or because they have lots of extra time – or because they think they are massively talented.  No.  Most of us do it because God whispers our name and we take that step of faith to do something incredibly new and different than we’ve ever done before.  We do it because God is capable of working through these “earthen vessels” we call humans to do amazing things that last forever.

Treasures found in the sands last for hundreds and even thousands of year – but what we do for God lasts…f o r e v e r…Could you be the one that God uses to make that kind of difference?

Contact Miss Coleen if you are interested in filling this role.

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