SSS Movie – Props Needed


Some of you may still be hearing about the movie we are filming right now – a movie that will change lives this summer.  As we film, there are numerous props that will be needed to help make the movie come alive and make an impact.  Would you please take a moment to check around your house or garage to see if you have any of the following items that you can loan or donate for this?

___ A large canvas tent (or any cloth that could look ancient)

___ An “Indiana Jones” fedora

___ A camping tent 10 X 20 or large enough for several people to stand in.  Other large camping tents

___ Rolls of artificial grass (enough to cover 10 X 20 area)  (needed by Tuesday night)

___ Belay lines and heavy rope for climbing

___ Small shovels, trowels, large paintbrushes, buckets, sieve

___ Heavy duty tubs with lids for carrying filming gear

___ clear packing tape, black duct tape, black electrical tape

___ large old blankets (to absorb sound), large black trash bags,

___ Extension cords, outlet strips, outlet adapters

Locations still needed:

___ Camping area next to A CLIFF.

___ Pit (large deep hole) in the ground (enough to fit someone in)

If you have any questions, or are able to provide one of these items, contact Miss Coleen at

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