COLLIDE: When Heaven Met Earth

This school year our student ministry at Eaton Community Church will be venturing through The Gospel of John together. The book is so rich in theology and full of meaning. As a youth group we will be studying John in large group settings, small groups, home groups, retreats, and more. Essentially, we will be immersed in John’s Gospel for the next nine months!

Part of our journey through this Gospel is through a weekly devotional we are encouraging each student to partake in. Each week, we provide four days worth of devotions on one section of reading from John. They are designed to help expand our knowledge of John’s Gospel, and hopefully (even if we read just one devotion a week) by the end of the school year we will have read through the entire gospel together!

The reason we bring this to your attention is we’d like for you to join us in this journey. The devotions themselves take no longer than 20 minutes, and we believe they’re beneficial to adults and students alike.


You’ll hear words from the classics like Charles Spurgeon, Alexander Whyte, and John Wesley. You’ll read thoughts from current leaders in the church. You’ll also hear devotions from people within Eaton Community Church: Pastor Josh, Pastor Dan, Miss Coleen, Martin Peacock, Amanda Harpold, and more.


The devotions are posted weekly on our website under our student ministry. By the end, there will be approximately 33 weeks of devotions for you to read along with us. If you’re a parent of a teen, this would be a great opportunity for you to study God’s Word along with them, while also creating a common place to have conversations about what you are both learning about God.

If you’re an Etch attender, this could be a good place to communicate with our students about what they’re learning, while also being familiar with the material as well.

We hope you can come alongside us during this time. Below is a link to the page where our devotions are located.

Weekly John Devotional


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