Youth is NOT wasted on OUR young…

I’ve heard the phrase “Youth is wasted on the young” before. While this statement has been proven to be true, I’d like to challenge it with a group of young adults that are making a difference.

For the past two-ish years, Amanda and I have been hosting a “young-adult” small group at our house on Monday evenings. We thought the majority of them were of the Millennial generation, but came to find out most were actually of the GenZ generation. Therefore, we jokingly call our group the MillenialZ.

MillenialZ Retreat

Young Adults RetreatWe spent the past weekend at a rental home downtown Cincinnati enjoying each other’s company, playing sardines, board games, having great meals and good conversation all the while studying the Prophet Joel – and it was their choice on what we studied over the weekend!

You heard me correctly. They chose to study the book of Joel in the Old Testament, which is no small feat! And believe me, it was difficult at times. The whole time of discussion was filled with questions (some that didn’t get answered), philosophical debates and theological discussions.

Joel is difficult because it is full of ambiguity and is very broad. Most scholars don’t give it an official date in which it was written, so the context of the passage is hard to determine. It was neat, though, to watch how many chimed in and discussed, while other listened. There may have been a few moments that dragged on a bit too long, but who’s counting the minutes? :). In the end, this is what I came away with…

Joel is a book that spans generations. It’s a warning and a call to repentance. A message of destruction with a glimpse into a future of hope. No matter what, this remains true:

…everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved… Joel 2:32

It doesn’t matter where you are in life… It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing devastation or joy… ANYONE who calls on the name of the Lord WILL BE SAVED. That is a promise worth holding, because God has always followed through with his promises.

Are you a young adult and interested?

Our typical Monday evening consists of gathering for snacks, talking about nonsense, then moving to our living room and reading and studying God’s Word in some fashion. We spent 8 months on the Gospel of John, a few months on Hot Topics, 7 months on Paul’s letter to the Romans, and now we’re reading a science fiction novel by the great C.S. Lewis! We begin at 7:30PM, and if you need directions you can contact me:

What I find so encouraging about this group is how involved they are in the life of ECC. Women’s ministry, youth ministry, basketball ministry, setup/tear down, Etch and the list goes on. They all have stakes in what is happening at ECC, and even more so beyond! For most their age, who turn 18 and decide to leave the church, these young adults have chosen to do the opposite and invest in the church. I believe this deserves some commendation.

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