ECC Christmas Giving Project

As a way of expressing God’s love to those in need, ECC is adopting families to help provide gifts for their children. Let’s celebrate the gift of His Son as we enter into the joy of giving to others!

You may bring gifts to the church through Wednesday, December 16th.

Here is everything you need to know to participate:

You are welcome to give using the handout here.  But for those who like using web sites, the families’ needs have been listed a giving web site.  Due to the way this web site is set up, each family is on a different calendar date, all after our due date. You will access a family’s story and needs by clicking on a date. (Those dates had to be set for AFTER the gifts are due so that they wouldn’t disappear once the date was passed.)   DUE DATE FOR ALL GIFTS IS STILL DECEMBER 16. Also please be sure to check out the information in the “Special Notes” section.” Give in Kind website.

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