The Parking Lot Project Update (7/29)

We just received word that the parking lot WILL NOT be completed (nor drivable) by this coming Sunday (Aug. 1).

Therefore we will continue with our normal two services on Sunday morning, however, we will need you to use our temporary entrance/exit on 732. (See photo below)


  • First, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to help direct and assist people in parking. We need support for first service and second service or both.
  • If you can help us, please contact Tami Webb: 937-689-3048.

  • We ask that you please be patient upon your entrance to church this coming Sunday, and be respectful of those who are volunteering to help assist in parking.
  • We have handicap spaces available, but are reserving those for any who have a handicap plate/sticker/etc.
  • If you do not need a handicap space, please be willing to park where the assistants tell you to park.

We are looking forward to worshiping the Lord with you this coming Sunday, and are continued to be excited about what God is doing here at Eaton Community Church. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but are confident the parking lot will be completed the following Sunday (Aug. 8)


If you feel uncomfortable or unable to attend this coming Sunday because of these recent changes, we encourage you to participate in worship with us through our LiveStream at 10:45 am. You can access that here.

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