Summer Spiritual Spectacular

June 20-24, 2022

Maybe you remember it…singing songs, gobbling up yummy snacks, contests, games and so much more.  Vacation Bible School has been part of life for many children growing up and maybe it was part of yours too!  Researchers tell us that many kids who give their lives to Christ do so in a Vacation Bible School or Christian Camp experience.  What we love about it is that every part of the experience is designed not just for unsaved kids, but to take kids who already know Jesus to new heights in their walk with Him!

Here at ECC, we call it the SUMMER SPIRITUAL SPECTACULAR and it’s one exciting week for kids AND grown-ups.  It’s similar to a VBS but there’s some special things that aren’t your “usual” VBS.   It’s actually where adults come to have fun.  During that week, we let our hair down, make new friends, laugh, eat lots of goodies, and get to know each other better.   What better way to experience BEING the Body of Christ!

                So if you are not yet a part of things, here’s a few unique ways to be involved. 

  • Be an actor in a mini-skit (some non-speaking, some speaking)
  • Be an EXTRA in the movie! (Friday evening, April 29, banquet scene)
  • Be a drummer in the BAND
  • Teach sword techniques to kids
  • Be the “MYSTERY SNEAK” (adults only)
  • Help plan ancient Rome decorations
  • Teach Drums/Percussion to kids

There are other ways – some of the “normal” ones you might think about.  But consider jumping in – be a part of making a difference! 

Contact Miss Coleen, for more information or to volunteer.

June 13 – 17 – Decoration and Set Up Week

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