June 3, 2022

Saturday, June 4, 8-9am in Rm 101. Doors open at 7:30am.

Steve Brown will share how the Lord has impacted his life. All men are welcome. Invite a friend or family member.

June 20 -25, 2022

 A child who seldom goes to church got excited about coming to SSS because he heard that we’ll be doing sword-fighting!   That’s part of what SSS is for – to draw children in who don’t know Christ and put them in a place where they can hear the truth of God in powerful and fun ways. It’s also to take kids who are a part of our church family a giant step forward in their walk with God.  

It’s about the kid down the street who has never been to a church before. It’s about the child of one of your relatives who used to go to church but gradually stopped going. It’s about the child who is part of our ministry now but their spiritual life needs a jump-start again. For some children, it changes the course of their lives.  For some children, it changes their eternity!  SO THINK – whom do you know that you could open the door for them to come to SSS?  Because who knows what God might do in their lives as a result?

To share it, you can:

  • Grab some POSTCARDS
  • Take people to our church’s WEBSITE to watch the movie trailer and/or sign up.
  • Put up one of the SSS YARD SIGNS in your yard
  • And PRAY for the lives who could be impacted or changed! 
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