RockHouse: Progressive Dinner

What a great evening of conversation, food and giving! For those of you who may be unaware of what a progressive dinner is, it’s an evening where each course (of a 4 course meal) is shared at a different home. We want to thank the Roths, Lockers, and Hamiltons for opening up your homes to us this season! You each had delicious food, and made our evening and our bellies full!

After we completed our main course, we headed back to the church for dessert and gift wrapping. “Gift wrapping?,” you may ask. We were given and brought gifts for a family’s Christmas that needed wrapped, and the students all jumped in and made the packages look beautiful! Our teens understand Christmas, for some, isn’t the easiest time of year, but with Jesus Christ there is always HOPE. They were happy to play a role in providing Christ’s hope for those who needed it this holiday season.

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