Poland Funding Met!!

Dziękuję Ci!

(Thank you in Polish.)

Thank you to everyone at ECOB who gave to knock out — in just 2 weeks!! — our funding goal for the Poland mission trip. We also want to thank the Missions and Outreach Team for their support.

Wow! We were blown away. Not only did we meet the first deadline (April 15) when we needed to submit $7,800 to the missions organization we’ve partnered with, but now we’re preparing to send the final check of $7,800, which isn’t due until May 31.

In fact, we’ve raised enough money to likely cover the cost of taking our instruments along, which figures to be roughly $100 a piece. We’re also looking to purchase some Bibles and small books to give away.

So I suppose, the team of missionary musicians needs to keep plugging away at our music and preparing to get our bags packed. Thank you for making it so that the only things we need to be concerned with are lyrics, chords, rhythms, and all the other stuff that makes music what it is.

Please continue to pray for the trip. Pray particularly for the Christians in Poland, that God will strengthen them to be light in the darkness. We look forward to encouraging the believers there.

Don’t forget: we’ve planned to share some of the music we’re working on at the concert on Friday, May 5 at 7 pm. We’ll also include worship songs and times of prayer.

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