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Remembered For

Although each of our performances has been different, we’ve tried to keep the skeleton of our set pretty much the same. For instance, full band sets always start with “Clocks,” followed by “Undo Me,” and they end with “Remembered For,” a very upbeat song… Continue Reading “Remembered For”

For God’s Glory and My Good

I arrived safely in Berlin early this morning: 2 am EDT, 8 am local time. Customs was a breeze and both my bags arrived safely. It was burdensome trying to carry two large bags, my backpack and my electric guitar (the heavier of the… Continue Reading “For God’s Glory and My Good”

Poland Itinerary

Sitting on the plane awaiting take off, so a quick post to share our concert itinerary. Thu – Gniezno Culture House (happened already) Fri – Garden party (Zary, private, dignitaries) Sat – Palace (Zary) Sun – Church festival (Zary) Mon – Stables (Pszycyna), Presidential… Continue Reading “Poland Itinerary”

Failure to Launch

Well, I was hoping to be writing this post on the flight from Dayton to Newark. The rest of the team arrived there safely and are awaiting their flight to Berlin later this evening. Me, I’m at home waiting to hear back from the… Continue Reading “Failure to Launch”

Dress Rehearsal

Harken, the Poland mission trip band, would like to invite you to our dress rehearsal TONIGHT, starting at 7 pm. We’ve worked for a few months now preparing over two hours of music. Most places we’ll play about an hour and a half, some… Continue Reading “Dress Rehearsal”

Poland Mission Trip Update

We are slightly less than four weeks away from lift off. Here’s a tune and some prayer requests. We recorded a song at a rehearsal a couple weeks ago, as one of the venues wanted to hear us ahead of time. Can’t blame them… Continue Reading “Poland Mission Trip Update”

Poland Funding Met!!

Dziękuję Ci! (Thank you in Polish.) Thank you to everyone at ECOB who gave to knock out — in just 2 weeks!! — our funding goal for the Poland mission trip. We also want to thank the Missions and Outreach Team for their support.… Continue Reading “Poland Funding Met!!”

Mission Team Headed to Poland

The Apostle Paul was compelled by God to share the gospel (or Good News), saying, “How terrible for me (or “Woe to me!”) if I didn’t preach the Good News!” Indeed, he gave his life to tell everyone about the wonderful things God has… Continue Reading “Mission Team Headed to Poland”