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Come One, Come All to Wednesday Night Etch!

Everyone is invited to come together to participate in Etch Wednesdays, beginning September 6th, 2017. Etch is dedicated to the process of Ingraining God’s Truth upon the hearts of His people. Growing together spiritually is the lifelong pursuit of the body of Christ. We are excited as we anticipate what God has in store for us in a new format for Etch Wednesdays this fall. Etch will have two components, one called Etch Community, the other Etch Electives. Etch Community is coming together once a month for the purpose of sharing a meal together, to celebrate, to worship and to enjoy each other as we deepen our relationships. Etch Electives are four weeks of learning activities on various topics offered for different age groups and levels of spiritual development, designed to reach the youngest to the eldest. This enables us to experience the richness gained from one another as we allow God to work through the ECOB community.

Etch Community and Etch Electives share a common element, a shared meal. For centuries, the meal, or Table, has been the primary vehicle through which a society’s values have been transferred and relationships have been developed. We feel strongly that coming together to share a meal is a custom that we need to reestablish. We encourage everyone to be a part of what takes place on Wednesday nights. The meal will be served from 5:45 pm until 6:15 pm. Those who have dietary restrictions are encouraged to bring their own meal-we just want you there!

Please note that Etch Electives require registration in advance by Sept. 6, with the exception of Not Your Typical Bible Stories elective. Details on Etch Electives and scheduling are at

The goal of Wednesday Night Etch is to include every person in an intentional process that deepens relationships and develops learning how to know and apply God’s truth to how we live our lives. In short, learning to be and make disciples.

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