Etch Communities

There is much to be excited about with the new format that will be taking place in Etch this fall! Etch Electives are going to truly take us to a place where many can grow in their relationship with Christ alongside different generations, and also create avenues for us to share what God is doing and teaching us in our lives. If you’d like to know more about electives, then check out our last blog post from the Etch Team OR you can read more about them on our website. Also, if you haven’t registered for an elective yet, you can register here. You must register by September 6th.

Another great aspect of this fall’s new Etch format is what we’re calling Etch Community Nights. These nights are breaks between our four-week electives where we will all gather together for an evening of fellowship. Our goal is to share what Christ has been doing in our lives, what we’ve been learning from him, and also have a little fun while we’re doing it. We also see these nights as a great opportunity to invite friends and those who may not have much or any church experience to get a taste of our church community.

What you’ll experience on these nights are a home-cooked meal, worshiping together through music, and group interaction (a game, a competition, a group project, etc.). What has made Etch such a unique experience in this past year has been it’s ability to bring many lives, histories, and traditions together under one name: Jesus Christ. And Etch Communities are spaced before and after four-week electives to remind us of that truth.

The Etch Community Nights for the fall are September 6th, October 8th, and November 15th. So make sure to put them in your calendar! The meal begins at 5:45pm, and the night will go no later than 8pm. Join us for our first Etch Community Night this coming Wednesday (Sept. 6). You won’t want to miss it!

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