October 27, 2017


Hoosiers – Saturday, October 28 at 7pm in the Great Room


“Hoosiers” is a movie about a tiny Indiana high school whose basketball team makes it all the way to the state basketball finals. During this time, schools of all sizes played in the same state tournament and a David could slay a Goliath.

Celebrating Baptism

Celebrating what God is doing in the lives of those being baptized. Leah Jennings was baptized last Sunday.

Weekend to Remember: Dayton – November 10-12

Where is your marriage today? Is it drifting towards isolation or intentionally moving toward oneness? You know what “oneness” feels like — conflicts resolve quickly, adventures happen together, and sex is on point. It’s great. But great marriages don’t just happen. Greatness takes investment. And isn’t that why you walked down the aisle – because you longed for a great relationship that lasts a lifetime? Find out what over 3 million couples worldwide have experienced at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember. It’s your turn to make a great marriage happen.

  • Click here for more about Weekend to Remember.
  • Click here to register for Weekend to Remember in Dayton, November 10-12
  • Use group code “Daytonmarriage” to receive $100 off the registration price (of $150 per person)


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