November 3, 2017

Set your clocks back one hour Saturday night.

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness

Homeless people are defined as those who do not have a permanent (regular) dwelling and are forced to find other solutions for their residence. Some temporarily live with friends or family members, some in improvised housing such as tents, cardboard boxes, simple wooden constructions or on the streets and some in shelters and other temporary residences provided by government or no-governmental organizations. Homelessness is present in Rural America.  In January of 2017,  there were 81 homeless people counted in Preble County during the Point in Time count.

Ways to Help!

  • Food preparation: The homeless shelter has a warming kitchen only and relies on community churches, organization and individuals to prepare meals.
  • Donations: All programs in Preble County that touch hunger and homelessness can benefit from donations: monetary or supplies
  • Volunteer: Whether you volunteer to supervise a shift at the Cold Shelter or help out in the local food pantry, volunteers are always needed.
  • Contact the H.I.T. Foundation, 937-472-0500


Celebrating Baptism

Celebrating what God is doing in the lives of those being baptized. Chad Miley, Karina Deaton and Delaney Deaton were baptized last Sunday.

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