Life@Home has been over a year in the making! Our staff has put in many hours to see this new resource come to fruition, and we are excited to finally offer it to the church. We know there are still many questions as to what the resource is and how it will benefit our church. My goal in this article is to help bring a little more clarity to Life@Home.

As Pastor Dan shared a few weeks ago at the launch of Life@Home, our desire at ECOB is to help each member and attender realize the life that God has laid before them. In John 10:10, we hear Jesus speak of the full and abundant life he has given his followers. That is what Life@Home is all about. Its purpose is to provide followers of Christ with tools and resources to begin or continue to foster the full life promised in John 10:10.

Each piece of Life@Home plays an intricate role giving clear, intentional and practical ways of embracing the full life Christ promised us. Below I’m going to explain in a little more detail the pieces of Life@Home, and how each of us can take full advantage of what they have to offer.

Piece 1: The 120 Day Campaigns

There are already preconceived ideas of campaigns, because often they are wrapped up in money. With building campaigns, fundraising campaigns, etc. it is simple to let our minds go there. But I challenge you to not allow that to happen. These 120 Day Campaigns, may be the most important piece of Life@Home.

These campaigns are 120 days of a commitment that we will make as a church to be intentional disciples and disciple makers. In the future, we will have campaigns that call us to 120 days of intentional prayer; to be intentional in praying with our spouse, children, small groups and ministries within the church. We will see a campaign that calls for meals@home, where we will lay out a challenge for families and individuals within the church to share meals together on a weekly basis. These are practical challenges to ECOB, intentionally focused on Sharing Life and Sharing Christ.

This coming Sunday, we will begin our first 120 day campaign as a church. We’ve appraised and assessed the last 120 days of our own lives with Christ. And now we’re going to look ahead to the next 120 days and how we, ECOB, can support each other in being disciples at home.

Piece 2: Life@Home Pointers

Separated into two categories, Family Life & Life Seasons, these resources provide quick and simple steps for different stages or seasons you may find yourself in life. Then, once the next steps are provided, each pointer also points you into the direction of other resources (books and ministries within the church) to help you in your journey. This is also a good tool to give to someone you know who may be in a spot that needs direction. These will provide them with a solid biblical foundation to point them forward.

Pointer-Family Life Resource Center SignThese pointers are specifically created to help young married couples, parents, empty-nesters, and grandparents find ways to be more intentional about raising the next generation knowing who God is and inviting them into His Story.


Pointer-Life Seasons Resource Center SignThese pointers were made for the curveballs life throws us. It could be a difficult teenager. Maybe you’re wrestling with addiction, or grieving the loss of a loved one. These pointers are here to help you start moving forward as a disciple from a Biblical perspective.


Piece 3: Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards Resource Center SignRecipe Cards are practical and often times fun, creative ways to begin having conversations about God in the home and beyond. These are for parents trying to begin conversations with their children and teens, husbands and wives to begin discussing who God is in their relationships, and for anyone looking for ways to intentionally bring Christ into their common vocabulary.

Piece 4: Online Resources

All the information and resources above you can find online. Click on some of the headers above and they will take you to these resources on our website. You can also find podcasts that coincide with a specific recipe card and typically relate to our current campaign.

We’re Not Done Yet…

What is great about this resource is it will continue to expand! We desire to have more discipleship tools, books to buy, and eventually a faith steps plan for parents wanting to introduce Christ to their children. We desire to add more pointers as the need arises, and the recipe cards will be changed out on a regular basis.

There is still more that can be said about Life@Home, but we will leave it here for now. I encourage you to stop by the resource center the next chance you get. God Bless,

Pastor Josh

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