Etch Kicks Off Tonight!

Tonight Etch kicks off its Winter and Spring Sessions! It’s a Community Night where we will enjoy a meal, play a few games, and also spend some time learning about God’s Love! The meal is served from 5:45-6:15pm. If you are on a special diet, or just like to cook your own food, please come and join us at the table anyway!

Etch Community

Each week we provide a meal with the intent to foster conversation, but on Community nights we take time to truly be TOGETHER. That is what makes these special nights so important to Etch. They continue to drive home ECOB’s desire to Share Life together.

As you prepare for Etch tonight, take a few moments to think of ways God has shown His love to you throughout your life. What are some specific instances where He has clearly shown you how much He loves you. Also, take a few moments to think about ways you, your family, or our church can begin reflecting that love to others.

Etch Electives

Tonight is also the last chance to register for Etch Electives that begin on Jan. 17. There will be booths set up for you to register for the elective you desire to take. We encourage families to take electives together if possible.

If you’re hesitant to take an elective because you can’t commit to four weeks in a row, please know each session we offer at least one elective that does not require registration. In this option, if you miss a week, then you can jump right back in the next week without missing a beat.

You can also register for electives online by scrolling down below. There are many different electives being offered this first session, but I’d like to highlight a few electives that have trailers to help explain them a little better:


Parenting Young Children

You can find out more about these electives by going to, and you can register right now by filling out the form below!

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