A few Sundays back, our church entered a church-wide 120 Day Life@Home Campaign called Prayer 7>5>2. We are asking each person who calls ECOB their home to intentionally make prayer a priority in their lives. We are calling for families to make prayer a priority in their family life. We are desiring all to simply be with God; in His Presence.

…[God] is inviting you – and me – to come home, to come home to where we belong, to come home to that for which we were created. His arms are stretched out wide to receive us. His heart is enlarged to take us in.
– Richard Foster

What do we mean by Life@Home Campaign?

Jesus, who says he is The WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE (John 14:6); who said he came to bring life and life to its fullest (John 10:10)… We often leave him boxed inside the walls of a church building and that’s all the real LIFE we get… a boxed-in version. Life@Home’s goal is to provide each of you with resources, and consistent reminders that Jesus… our LIFE needs to be a part of our home, our work, our schools, wherever we go.

Thus, one of the resources with Life@Home we’re excited to provide is what is called 120 Day Campaigns. The goal behind these campaigns is to be intentional about making Jesus a norm in our lives.

Why Prayer?

From the first moment that God breathed into Adam in the garden, until now God has desired to communicate with us. Even after we sinned and were removed from the presence of God, he still sought after us… to rescue us. To be with us! And prayer is the closest place on earth to BE WITH God.

Prayer will not just change you… it will change us all. And so, for ECOB, we’re going to be spending the next 120 Days intentionally focusing on prayer in three different ways.

Prayer 7>5>2

Pray 7 times a week INDIVIDUALLY for opportunities to Share Life and Share Christ.
Pray 5 times a week with your FAMILY for God to be more involved in your lives.
Pray 2 times a week with a PRAYER PARTNER for the church, it’s leaders, and church vision.

We also have a Life@Home packet that you can pick up at the Life@Home resource center on Sunday. OR if you’d really like to get the packet now, you’re able to download all the resources in the packet on our website.


Given this a new campaign, we want to encourage everyone to take a new Discipleship Appraisal and allow God to examine your life and relationship with Him. Download them on our website.

There are also a whole new crop of Recipe Cards which are creative ways to get yourself, couples, and families more intentional about making Jesus a part of our everyday lives. Download them OR check them out at our Life@Home Resource Center on Sunday.


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