April 27, 2018

Storage Building

Now that the Storage building is complete and organized, we invite you to come out and take a look next Sunday, May 6th between services and after 2nd service until 12:45 pm.

Baby/Child Dedication:

We see baby/child dedication as a time where you commit yourselves to becoming your child’s spiritual leader in life. The first step towards dedication is to set up a meeting with our Children’s Director, Miss Coleen to talk about what baby dedication means, and to give you ideas and tools for teaching your child about God. This can be an important day in the life of your family.

The Movie:


  • God has given us all but one of the main actors!
  • The Set is finished and it looks perfect for our needs.
  • God provided a sound man to help us!
  • The actors are doing a great job.
  • God has provided all but one of the filming locations we need.


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