What’s Holding You Back?

What are the top seven things that hold people back from serving God in children’s ministry?

We as Christians know that it’s the right thing to serve God in some way – to be a part of His eternal work and not just focused on our own lives.  But sometimes people worry about various aspects of serving, and that holds them back from getting involved.  Here are some answers to those common worries:

  1. I have to be out of town some weekends.

Answer – That’s what God made substitutes for!  There are people who feel called to serve as substitutes.  They are always on stand-by, ready to fill in when you need to leave town!

  1. I’m really busy – I’m not sure I have the time.

Answer – And you never will if you are looking for extra time in your schedule.  But if you truly seek God and ask Him to show you, God will show you how to realign your schedule so you can make serving Him a priority and thus have the time to give. 

  1. I don’t know anything about working with children but I do like them.

Answer – Great!  That means we don’t have to UN-train you before we train you how to do it well!

  1. What if the children won’t listen to me?

Answer – If a child misbehaves and doesn’t listen, you get to call “Miss Coleen” and she will handle them.  Your get to focus on your ministry – not behavior problems

  1. What if they ask me a Bible question I can’t answer?

Answer  – You don’t have to know all the answers because our pastors do!  (JK!)  Seriously we don’t want our children growing up thinking that we as Christians have all the answers to all the hard questions.  So it’s okay to say “We don’t know!”

  1. But I don’t LIKE working with children!

Answer – That’s okay because there are ways to serve God where you’re not teaching or working directly with children but in ways that are so valuable to the ministry.

  1. What if I don’t enjoy the area where I end up serving?

Answer – We want everyone to love how they serve God!  And we don’t want anyone to be stuck doing a piece of ministry that is not a match for them.  So if you find that something is not a fit for you, just come let us know and we’ll help you find a place to serve that truly fits what God created you to do!

When you find the right place to serve, not only do you love it, but you begin to grow exponentially in your relationship with God and others in the church.   IT HELPS YOU even as you are serving others.   So…ready to serve?   Call us to explore the choices for you!

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