August 17, 2018

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Sunday, September 9 at Noon following One Service under the tent at 10am

Sign-up at the table in the Gathering Area so we have a count for seating/food. Also, sign-up to bring a dessert.

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  • Wednesday, September 5. Meal begins at 5:45pm.
  • Etch Electives: Register at the kiosk Sunday or at by September 5.


Cami McCloud was baptized Sunday, August 5.

Why do people choose to serve God when life is so BUSY?

Sometimes we look at people who serve in the various church ministries and think to ourselves that they must have all kinds of spare time. But they actually don’t. Almost all of the people who serve are people who are crazy busy – but they choose to serve anyway. Why? Here’s what some of them might say:

  • It’s a great way to get to know people and make friends.
  • It helps give life meaning and purpose. What you do impacts other’s lives.
  • It lets you be part of a Team – you can feel like you belong.
  • It helps you grow spiritually AND get closer to God.
  • You know that what you are doing makes a difference, not just in this life, but for ETERNITY.

Everyone is busy – everyone has a lot to do. People who serve – in spite of being busy – have learned what a difference it makes in their own lives when they serve. In spite of all the things going on in their own lives, they created margin in their lives, re-prioritized how they spent their time, and made room in their lives so they had time to serve God. Their focus is not just on the “now”, but on eternity. What about you? What will you do to make a difference for eternity this next year?


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