Denominational Transition Announcement

The Elder Board met with the District Executive Committee on Tuesday, December 4th. This was the first meeting since the Council Vote on October 21st. The goal of the meeting was to define the process to be followed for developing the separation agreement.

The meeting was very positive and reflected the desire of both parties that the process be both peaceful and respectful. Each side exhibited transparency concerning their desires and concerns.

The District made it clear that they are committed to a short time frame for completion of the process, and a very simple agreement.

Our biggest concern was quickly addressed. The District has no interest in the real estate. They do not want any change of title. The building and contents will remain with our congregation.

As a result of further discussion among themselves, the District realizes that separation from the Denomination cannot occur immediately upon a favorable 2nd vote by our congregation. Instead, the 2nd vote will be an approval of the negotiated agreement and will signal the start of a specified timeframe within which several legal and business items will be completed to effect the separation.

The District is requesting that ECOB consider a monetary contribution to help offset costs they have incurred as part of the separation process. The Elder Board considers this a reasonable request and are working to develop an offer that is fair for both parties.

The District Executive Committee will be holding a special meeting on January 5th to put together a proposed agreement for our consideration. We will be meeting together on Tuesday, January 15th @ 7:00 p.m. The goal of the evening is to complete negotiations and arrive at an agreement outlining the terms of separation. The District will be holding a meeting on January 26th to ratify the agreement. ECOB will then schedule the 2nd vote at the earliest possible time.

The Elder Board is confident that the upcoming meeting on January 15th will yield an agreement that satisfies both parties.

We would like to thank you for the encouragement that many of you offered to us, as well as your prayers. Please continue to keep this issue in your thoughts and prayers. Specifically, pray that God’s will be accomplished through this time and that Christ be glorified.

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