A Night in Little Italy


As a Youth Pastor, I cherish A Night in Little Italy! There is so much that is accomplished in one night through one meal. We have students learning the importance of serving the church body. We have the church supporting (not just financially) the youth ministry. We see our community Sharing Life together as couples and families share a meal. Several adult volunteers who give their Saturday evenings to equip young students to successfully fulfill their roles of washing dishes, refilling drinks, and serving tables.

Though much work and effort goes into planning an evening like this, the rewards far outweigh what goes into the evening.

Where does the money go?

Your support for this evening goes a long way in helping students be more involved with RockHouse Student Ministries! Each student who participates in prep, planning, and cleanup of the event has several opportunities to raise money that will help them toward youth events and other activities at ECOB.

This Sunday is your first chance to pre-order tickets. Pre-ordering tickets helps know how many meals to prepare for in advance. Yes, you can buy your ticket at the door, but it is much more beneficial to us if you pre-order your tickets.

Lastly, if you typically don’t carry cash, this year we are able to accept all major credit cards! So please make your way over to the Night in Little Italy booth in the Gathering Area this morning.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you this Saturday at A Night in Little Italy!

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