A Night in Little Italy

What is a Night in Little Italy?

A Night in Little Italy is a youth fundraiser that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! The Great Room is turned into a small restaurant, where students and youth workers serve people a good meal and create a wonderful atmosphere for conversation with friends and family (or even a date-night). If you look at the pictures below, you’ll get an idea of what the evening will look like.

A Night in Little Italy is on February 9th from 4:30-7:30PM

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children 10 years old and under.

There are three ways for you to get a ticket. You can purchase one from a youth, buy one from our ticket booth (Sunday or Wednesday), or you can buy them at the door. Our preference is for you to purchase tickets ahead of time because it allows us to get an idea of how much food to prepare, and better organize on our end. Don’t let that keep you from purchasing on the fundraising night, however. We want you to come and enjoy the evening no matter what!

It has been a crazy January! We’ve needed to cancel two Sunday morning worship services, and one Etch because of snow hazards and dangerous temperatures. And it has definitely effected ticket sales this year. This Sunday (February 3rd) is the last Sunday to pre-order tickets.

Please, if at all possible, make it a priority to pick up your ticket(s) this coming Sunday or Wednesday. OR make sure to find a student in the church and purchase a ticket from them! 

How does this support the youth ministry?

There is much good that happens on this fundraising night. Students raise money to specifically go toward youth trips, such as retreats and missions trips. They get the experiencing of serving others. For our church, there is the benefit of fellowship and investment in the younger generation.

For more thoughts on this, please refer to my previous article on A Night in Little Italy.

We hope you get an opportunity to experience such a wonderful evening, and we thank you for your continued support of our youth at Eaton Church of the Brethren.

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