August 9, 2019

2nd Saturday – August 10

  • Meet at Eaton CC at 8:30am
  • Help with Senior home repair projects locally for those in need
  • Questions: Keith Reese,

Sunday, August 25

Oneworshipservice-10 am

Called Council Meeting: Sunday, Aug 25 at 2pm

The purpose of this meeting is to vote on the following: “Shall the Eaton Community Church, Inc., formerly known as Eaton Church of the Brethren, Inc., approve the terms of the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ and withdraw from the Church of the Brethren denomination?”

Ministry Expo

  • Sunday, Aug 18 following each service
  • Sunday, Aug 25 before & after service

The Expo is a showcase of the ministries offered at ECC.  Our theme is “Connect and Serve on Purpose”. This is a great opportunity to talk directly with members of each ministry to learn more about the ministry and find a place to belong as we Share Life and Share Christ together.

Women’s Ministry

Love in Action is a meal ministry of Women of Worth that provides freezer meals to families for life event’s such as a surgery or death. When a longer term need arises, we create meal trains. If you would like to be notified to participate, please email us at


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