Grand Parenting and Etch

What did you call your grandparents? Grandpa, Grandma, Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Grandad, Nana, Gramps, Grams, Mimi, Meemoo, Baga, Baki, Deda, Dodo? I always found it interesting the fun names children come up with to call their parent’s parents.

Spiritual Heritage

At Etch this Fall, a class is being offered for grandparents. The main focus of this class is to help grandparents understand their role as disciples, and how vital they are in discipling their children’s children. And it all begins with a Spiritual Heritage. Our Vision here at ECC says this:

By 2026, our church will follow a pattern of spiritual formation in one another that brings hope to broken lives where individuals and families pass on a spiritual heritage.

Grandparenting is key when it comes to passing on a spiritual heritage. And we understand you may be in a scenario where that is extremely difficult. This curriculum addresses many of the places grandparents find themselves.


It seems today that this role has undergone a drastic change. I grew up most of my childhood with my grand parents only 20 minutes away, as did many of you. However, many currently do their grandparenting over a long distance. And though Facetime and other video chatting formats help, it isn’t quite the same.

There are some who aren’t grandparents yet, and for those of you who are grandparenting via long distance, there are several young people in our church who may be in the need of a “local grandparent” or someone who is older who just takes the time to see how they’re doing.

And let’s be real. There are some scenarios as grand parents that are just difficult to know how to react. It could be your child has chosen to not bring their children up knowing Christ, and you’re stuck with not being able to share Christ with your grand children. There are others who (because of addictions or other unforeseen circumstances) have been placed in the role of parenting your grand children.

Each of these scenarios are addressed in this upcoming Fall Elective on Grand Parenting. If you are wanting to know how to be a grand parent who understands your role as a follower of Christ and what it means to help your grand children grow spiritually, despite your circumstances, I want to encourage you to take this six-week class. You won’t regret it.

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