ECC Knights Basketball

We have a long storied tradition of young men and women who played the game of basketball for our church in the name of Jesus Christ. We have won championships, come close some years, and also had years of rebuilding. Regardless of the results on the scoreboard and the win column, each year we are confident that Jesus was a focal point of this ministry.

As we expressed a few months ago, this ministry is now undergoing a large change as we try to fill the shoes of Clif & Jana Martin and those who supported them as we transition into a season of leadership and effective ministry. We have some great coaches who have stepped in and begun caring for these young players and developing their skills both on and off the court, while also seeking opportunities to share the hope of Christ.

This ministry will be most effective when our church sees the amazing opportunity we have to bring Christ into the lives of these young men and thus embraces the opportunities present. If you remember, I promised at some point we would be reaching out to you for help. This is that time!

There are a total of 7 home games this year. We need at least four people for each game to cover admissions and concessions (explained in more detail below). We are looking for people who would be willing to help one or two games in the season. Please know, the more people who are willing to help the less we will need people to cover multiple weeks.

If your’e not able to support us by helping in the two areas below, we always appreciate support from fans! You can see the schedule on our website.

Here’s some of the biggest ways you can help:



Admissions collects money from guests entering the game. This position would require you to show up a half hour early to the first game of that day and you will be dismissed after the 2nd quarter of the final game.

Main responsibilities include:

Money handling & welcoming/public interaction


Concessions prepares and distributes food for guests. This position would require you to show up a half hour early to the first game of that day and will be dismissed at the 3rd quarter of the final game for cleanup.

Main responsibilities include:

Money handling, food service, and cleanup

There are other ways to help us, but they require some specific skills: Safety, Medical Personnel, Administrative, etc.

Please help us make this ministry as successful as it has been in past years. Blessings, P. Josh

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