Etch Variety Show

On January 8, we are hoping to host a variety show showcasing the talents and gifts God has bestowed upon ECC. Acts can be a “variety” of performances from dancing and singing to comedy and skits. Our desire is to have a fun night filled with laughter and encouragement.

We are still needing some registrations to fill the evening, so we’re providing the opportunity for any interested to sign up via the web.


What You Need To Know:

  1. The content of any songs, music, speeches, poems, etc. need to glorify God and not support worldly values. If you have any questions whether something would be appropriate, check with Pastor Josh. If you need help finding good Christian music, see Pastor Josh.
  2. All clothing worn should be appropriate for church – no skimpy or revealing outfits for any reason.
  3. All persons sharing their acts need to be doing it for God’s glory; this is not a competition or a way to look better than others. It is simply a fun way to share what God has made each of us able to do!
  4. The maximum time limit for all acts is five minutes. It can be anywhere from 1-5 minutes but can be no more than 5 minutes.
  5. The acts should be well-rehearsed and practiced. The act must also be safe for the team and the audience.
  6. All acts must have at least two people. We also encourage family acts and intergenerational acts.


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