January 24, 2020

Summer Spiritual Spectacular Movie

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE?  Most of us can name a movie that had a profound impact on us, or one that we’ve come to love.  There’s something about that movie that resonates with us – and it stays with us…forever.

Imagine taking the powerful truths of God’s Word and weaving them into a movie that will capture the hearts of children!  That’s what we’re getting ready to do this summer for the children who will be coming to Summer Spiritual Spectacular, our week-long summer family event that creates wonderful memories for children – and can change their lives.

God can use people like you to create this movie. No, we’re not asking you to be a Steven Spielberg or a Brad Pitt.  But there are things that you CAN do, resources that you could loan, people that you know – who could make the difference in creating this movie.  See list below of the needs to make this year’s movie.  If you can provide any of this, please contact misscoleen@eatoncommunitychurch.org.

Be in the Movie:

  •  Man, ages 35-50, in good physical condition
  •  Woman, ages 30-45, in good physical condition
  •  Man, Age 25-45, in good physical condition
  •  Man, Age 50-65, in good physical condition
  •  Be an Extra (1-3 lines, students and adults only)

Filming locations/Big items needed:

  • Warehouse or large indoor area where we can leave a set up for 4 months
  • Snowmobiles
  • Work truck
  • Building that could look like an abandoned military base on the inside
  • Boss’ office
  • Industrial living quarters
  • Heavy outdoor winter clothingmovie

Help create the movie-behind the scenes:

  • Record sound for the movie
  • Operate the movie camera (adults only)
  • Build set or igloo
  • Movie Assistant


Yours for His children,

Miss Coleen

Quarterly Financial Update

Below is a Rolling 12-Month Trend Report which uses the running total of the giving and expenses for the last 12 months plus a graph.  This Trend Report and graph is presented to the congregation quarterly. Hard copies are available at the Information Desk for anyone who does not have access to LifeShare. See a member of the Finance Team or an Elder if you have any questions.

4th Quarter 2019 12 month running total

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