Holy Week – Easter Sunday Worship

Since we will not be gathering this weekend in one place, let’s gather as one people in many places. Here’s a few practical things to help us gather in worship on this different Easter Sunday.

Access our Easter Sunday Worship Video Here   (Beginning Sunday Morning)

  • Worship through Song (Included in Easter Sunday Worship Video)
    • Song – Glorious Day
    • Song – Christ the Lord is Risen Today/ He Is Not Dead
  • Worship through the Word (Included in Easter Sunday Worship Video)
    • On Sunday morning, this week’s message will be available on our website.
    • Questions for reflection and discussion:
      1. What activities and traditions have typically been a part of your celebrations of past Easter Sunday’s?
      2. What is necessary for a pure and sincere response of worship to Jesus?
      3. How could typical activities and traditions become a distraction to pure and sincere worship?
      4. Share with someone how you want to respond this Easter to the resurrection of Jesus.
  • Different Worship Suggestions
    • Stop and Listen in quietness and trust of God.
    • Say a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus’ resurrection and defeat of death.
    • Read the four gospel accounts of that first resurrection Sunday.
    • Write a response to how Jesus’ resurrection has changed your life and share that with someone.
    • Consider and discuss how God is preparing you to Share Life and Share Christ in new ways beyond our current health crisis.

All resources located on eatoncommunitychurch.org

Take care of yourself and take care of one another!

Pastor Dan

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