Virtual Egg Hunt

            This Saturday at 2pm, all ECC kids are invited to join us for a Virtual Egg Hunt!  Here’s how it will work:
  • We hid a bunch of eggs around the church and took photos of them.
  • Kids figure out the general area of where to look by looking up a Bible verse that will be shown on the screen.
  • Once someone correctly names the general area of the church, we then show a series of photos in which the egg is hidden.  The first person to spot the egg and names its specific location wins that round.  
  • After each egg is found, everyone will be challenged to unscramble the letters to find the name of a person involved in the Easter story.  
         This activity is targeted to grades 2 and up due to the need to be able to read and look up Bible verses (younger children may join but may not find it easy to do). The information to join us is below; note that there is a password being used for security purposes. Children need their parent’s permission to join us. 
           You are welcome to read the Easter story together before you come to the Zoom Egg Hunt. Have your Bibles nearby but closed as we begin the meeting.
         Please try to label your video with your names so we know who is on screen and, if at all possible, enable  your video. There is an icon in Zoom that will allow you to raise your hand.
Zoom Meeting Info:
Meeting ID: 373 254 1078
Password: ECC Kids
          We’re looking forward to spending this time with our kids!  
Miss Coleen
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