ECC Livestream

This morning at 10AM we will be having our very first livestream service.

Click here to access our livestream.
(It will begin at 10AM)

How is this different than what we’ve been doing?

For the past several months, we have been recording our worship music and sermons and putting them online to be viewed. This Sunday, however, as we REGATHER we will also be showing our 10AM service live for anyone who wasn’t able to register or isn’t able to come.

What if I can’t attend either the REGATHERING or the 10AM Livestream?

As we venture into this new world of livestreaming, we are doing our best to provide each person with the multitude of resources we have at our fingertips. However, we are also trying to learn much of this new technology. Therefore, if you’re not able to attend, we hope to have a recorded version available to you within the week.

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