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ECC Livestream

This morning at 10AM we will be having our very first livestream service. Click here to access our livestream. (It will begin at 10AM) How is this different than what we’ve been doing? For the past several months, we have been recording our worship… Continue Reading “ECC Livestream”

SHEMA – Stop and Listen Follow-Up

As we move forward in accomplishing the vision God has set before us at Eaton Community Church, let us continue to seek the habit of STOP and let us LISTEN to the one who as the Psalmist says is “abundant in power; his understanding… Continue Reading “SHEMA – Stop and Listen Follow-Up”

Fulfilled: HOPE & PEACE

In our current series called Fulfilled, we’re taking a look at the four words of Advent: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. We are focusing on how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament’s anticipation of these words, while also emphasizing how Jesus gives us a new… Continue Reading “Fulfilled: HOPE & PEACE”

Covenant Prayer

Hello Church, this past Sunday I preached on a method of prayer called Covenant Prayer. We looked at two different ways to do covenant prayer. The first was in making a regularly commitment to pray; to find a time and a space to consistently… Continue Reading “Covenant Prayer”

Following Up on Fasting

I had mentioned in my sermon a couple weeks back that I’d be doing a follow up on the topic of fasting. I’m just now getting to it, but if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the sermon, feel free to listen… Continue Reading “Following Up on Fasting”

Extra Resources for The Story #12

Here are the resources I promised in my sermon this past Sunday. Prayer for Sexual Healing from Ransomed Heart Ministries. You’ll want to spend considerable time with this prayer, searching your heart and allowing God to cleanse you from sin. When Good Men Are… Continue Reading “Extra Resources for The Story #12”