February 19, 2021

LifeWise Academy

The school release program is in the process for K-2 children in Eaton Community Schools.They are asking for signatures of support in order to move forward with a launch in the fall. Currently, they have received around 350 of the 500 needed signatures. The sign-up kiosk will be available this Sunday morning. You can also sign on their website.
Some have asked about financial support for this ministry. Below are the numbers Miss Coleen has obtained from the local leadership team.

  • Base annual budget: $60,000 for the first year
  • Cost is $20 per child PER YEAR.  
  • We’re basing our budget on 300 children in the first year.
  • Eaton First Church of God is covering the facility cost (they will be hosting the K-2 classes)
  • As of right now, $17,000 in donations have been received for the first year of operation.
  • Feel free to contact Miss Coleen, who is serving on the local leadership team. 

Covid-19 Update

1 person from ECC has tested positive and is at home recovering. They have notified those they were in contact. (They have not been in attendance since Feb 7th.)

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