May 14, 2021

  June 21-25

The little one knelt at the altar.  “What did you come for?”, a grown-up asked her.  Her answer simple and pure – “I love Disney World more than I love Jesus!”   This child had been learning all week about putting God first in her life and now she saw that her greatest love was not Jesus, but a theme park on an earth that would pass away.  It’s not that this child would never go to Disney again or that she wouldn’t enjoy it anymore.  She would.  But it now had the right priority in her life – Jesus came first!

       At the SUMMER SPIRITUAL SPECTACULAR, we’re challenging our kids to make a decision similar to that – giving everything in our lives to God.  In a world that is focused on getting as much as we can for ourselves, we want to teach our kids to give all we have to God – to give Him our possessions, our dreams, our activities, our schedules, our friendships, our family – to give God everything.  To go “ALL IN” with God.  To SURRENDER…That’s actually what it means to be a follower of Christ.

      So where do you fit in?  It would be easy to brush this off and point to your many other activities.  But consider giving some of your time this summer to be a part of changing children’s lives – perhaps even changing a child’s eternity.  There are over 150 ways to help in SSS. It’s also a great way to get to know other people in the church and build friendships while making a difference.  Come join us in taking a “POLAR PLUNGE: GOING ALL IN WITH GOD!”.

Ladies Bible Study

Wednesday’s 10am, Rm 101

All ladies are invited to watch and study Season 2 of The Chosen with us. Contact – Linda Blough, 937-456-4934.

Graduation Sunday

Sunday, June 6, at the 10:45am Worship Celebration

High School grads have been contacted by Pastor Josh. If you have a post-high school graduate you would like recognized in the bulletin, please contact the church office by Tuesday, June 1st.

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