January 21, 2022

Summer Spiritual Spectacular

Locations needed for movie filming:

  • a living room open to a kitchen
  • a basement with stone walls

Please contact Miss Coleen if you can help with either of these locations. Thank you!

Luke 3:11

...if you have food, share it with those who are hungry.

The Food Pantry is in need of:

  • Mac & cheese
  • Soup (all kinds) – broths, creams, chunky
  • Canned meat – beef, chicken, ham, spam, tuna

Please place all items in the grocery cart in the entryway. Thank you for your generous living!

Everyday Disciples (2022 Midground Vision) 

Our year-long focus will be a collective journey of what it means to follow Jesus (a decision of the head), be changed by Jesus (transformation of the heart) and be committed to the mission of Jesus (mobilization of the hands) every day. We seek to be disciples of Jesus in every place, every relationship and in every circumstance in our everyday lives. It is how we will carry out or mission to “Share Life and Share Christ”.  

Everyday Disciples Challenge  

  • Everyday disciples take time to show thanksgiving to God for other followers of Christ and personally speak encouragement into their lives. Pray for how can you encourage a fellow believer this week? And then take the time to encourage. 
  • Need: In a time of great criticism, uncertainty, holiday let-down, winter season, other believers need encouragement. 
  • We need to be encouraging one another as fellow believers. 
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