Challenge Conference

It had been four years since ECC Students went to Kansas City for this conference. Coming back was a great opportunity for us again, and many students found it to be a great learning experience! You heard from three of them this past Sunday, and the purpose of this LifeShare is to allow you to hear from more of our students. Here’s what they had to say:

From the Students

I had many many favorite memories but some of my top ones are – when we prayed for James – when everyone was painting and just creating bonds – and when everyone would sing and we could hear everyone

My favorite memory was when Jacob and Chance taught me how to play spike ball or when we went to the international house of prayer

I guess my favorite memory is playing spike ball with chance… and fistbumps were the best thing

One of my favorite memories was when we were in the middle of prayer and I looked up and saw everyone else praying, and I just thought to myself, wow I can really feel Jesus. Just see all of the other believers in he same room and some are the same age and in the same state as me, I was just amazed.

Another memory that I liked a lot was when Torey D’Shaun had everyone get their flashlights out and sway them back and forth and just to see that was amazing what I feel is a once in a lifetime amazement moment.

During Challenge I enjoyed getting to know people in my youth group a bit more and feeling more loved by them. Praising God and being surrounded by a lot of Christians was a blessing in my life.

A good memory from last week is when we were in the international house of prayer and getting to see all of the different ways people worship. It was very amusing to me because we were taught to worship a certain way and now seeing all of the different ways was pretty cool. Another one is when we were diving back home and getting to talk to people I usually don’t talk to, it was really fun getting to know everybody there and I had a fantastic time

Favorite memories for challenge.

1. Going on the prayer walk and talking to a guy who didn’t have the best life. He was walking down the wrong path and we talked to him about Jesus for 20-25 minutes. We gave him water, chips, and a piece of paper with the address for hope city. It was awesome to feel the presence of God. We weren’t even planning on going that route but we were re routed. God put us in that place, at that time, for a reason.

2. Going to International House of Prayer.

3. Worshiping the lord. It was such an amazing experience hearing all of our brothers and sisters of Christ signing together to worship our father. It was a beautiful sound and I will forever cherish the few seconds where the band stoped playing and everyone joined together signing. It was amazing.

Some of my favorite memory’s from challenge was worshiping, learning how to play spike ball and jamming to some music. I also loved playing card games and dancing on the last night!


Hopefully you heard a big THANK YOU from our teens at ECC. If it wasn’t for your dedication and support, we wouldn’t have been able to make this trip possible. If you’d like to see a little more of what took place this year, and also some of the silliness of our students, feel free to watch the video.

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