September 30, 2022

Saturday, Oct 1, Rm 101, 8-9am. Doors open at 7:30am.

Bill Jennings will be sharing how The Quest for Authentic Manhood Bible Study has impacted his faith walk. All men are invited for a time of food and fellowship and are encouraged  to bring a friend or family member.

Conversation with Elders

Sunday, October 9, 6pm in Rm 101
  • Review Proposed 2023 budget
  • Financial Review
  • Proposed changes to Bylaws
  • Ministry Update

The Quest for Authentic Manhood

The Quest for Authentic Manhood is a 24 week study/discipling course to equip you to become an authentic man. We will start in October for 12 weeks and then finish the second 12 weeks in the winter.

Robert Lewis, a pastor, put together this study to give specific ways that you can understand what it means to be a man. Robert says that in these sessions, we will closely examine our development as men, the wounds that hold men back, and how these wounds can be healed. We will discover the importance of male mentors, and the role of a man in marriage.

Other topics include:

  • Seasons of a Man’s Life
  • Uncovering a Man’s Wounds
  • Defining Manhood
  • Deepening the Marriage Relationship
  • Raising Sons and Daughters
  • Developing a Manhood Plan

I originally signed up for the class to help a friend. I wasn’t expecting how God was going to use Quest series to change me spiritually.

Kenny Rogers

Men’s Fraternity is perhaps the most influential experience I have undergone at this time in my life. The call to biblical manhood has been placed on all men. Men’s Fraternity brings clarity and purpose to a man’s life. I cannot recommend it more highly.

Lou Driggs

See Bob Jones or stop at the Kiosk to register or get more information.

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