Etch Electives There are some changes coming the way of Etch. Some small, some BIG. For instance, we are hoping to be adding a salad bar to the meal times for those who may be one a special diet! We are also seeing some neat ministry opportunities and changes in the area of children’s ministry at… Continue reading Etch Electives


Many have told me how much they appreciated or were moved by the video we used this past Sunday, so I thought I’d post it for anyone desiring to watch it again or share it with another person.

A few Sundays back, our church entered a church-wide 120 Day Life@Home Campaign called Prayer 7>5>2. We are asking each person who calls ECOB their home to intentionally make prayer a priority in their lives. We are calling for families to make prayer a priority in their family life. We are desiring all to simply… Continue reading