Practicing Your Serve

Throughout Jesus’ 3+ years of ministry on earth he spoke of the need to be a servant.  He hit this directly when he spoke of his role in saying, “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…” (Mark 10:45)  Growing in Christ means that we continually seek to improve our serve.  It is the mark of a disciple of Christ and of His church.

ECOB has always been a church full of servants in Guest Ministries, Property Team, Music and Worship, Children and Youth, and many other areas.  serve picAs we move closer to the launch of our new Wednesday night ministry and pieces are coming together I’d like to talk a bit about how you can be a part of serving on those nights.  When the church gathers we have opportunities to serve one another in multiple ways and Wednesday night will be no different.  From helping with the meal, to assisting with tech, to cleanup and everything in between, we encourage you to find a place to serve as we come together and learn more about being Jesus’ disciples.  In all of the necessary roles God gives us opportunities to build relationships and connect with others as we exercise our gifts and talents.

Attached is a link to a form that we would like you to identify ways you would like to serve on Wednesday night. This doesn’t mean you will be in that role every week, but gives us an opportunity to begin placing people in much needed roles to make those nights a great gathering with one another.

Just click on the following link and fill out the form and someone will be contacting you with more specifics.  Don’t wait!  It’s time to practice your serve!

Opportunities To Serve Form

Pastor Dan

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