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Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 5

This post concludes our series on the 5 values of Etch. If you’d like to view any of the past four, here they are: LET GO of our own desires. REIMAGINE the way we disciple. REFLECT the image of Christ. TOGETHER, experiencing God’s story… Continue Reading “Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 5”

Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 4

TOGETHER experiencing God’s story of redemption. Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4 MSG Stories. We all have them. And the best ones? Those are the ones that have God written all… Continue Reading “Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 4”

Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 3

REFLECT the image of Christ Christ challenges us to be imitators of Him, so that we might REFLECT the glory of the Lord. Stop and think about that… Seriously, what does that even look like? REFLECT is a verb meaning to cast back; to give… Continue Reading “Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 3”

Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 2

We are continuing our series explaining the heart behind Etch. The best way we can describe the heart is to share our Etch Values from the voices of the Etch Ministry Team. This weeks value: REIMAGINE the way we disciple. Disciple making—you’ve probably heard a lot… Continue Reading “Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 2”

Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 1

This is the first of five articles on the five values of Etch. Originally, I had set out to talk about them on video, however it struck me that I don’t need to be the one sharing this information (you hear from me enough!).… Continue Reading “Etch Values: From the Etch Team, Part 1”

Wednesday Night Ministry is called Etch

“Ingraining the truth of Christ in the lives of his followers.” That is the purpose of Etch. It’s our new/old way of doing ministry… TOGETHER! Etch is intergenerational. It’s a time for all ages to interact with one common purpose: Discipleship. Together, we’ll share stories… Continue Reading “Wednesday Night Ministry is called Etch”

Practicing Your Serve

Throughout Jesus’ 3+ years of ministry on earth he spoke of the need to be a servant.  He hit this directly when he spoke of his role in saying, “The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…” (Mark 10:45)  Growing in… Continue Reading “Practicing Your Serve”

Wednesday Night Ministry: Let Go

Another video update. This video kicks off the first of five videos on the 5 Values of the new Wednesday Night Ministry. Keep checking back for more updates! Plus, if you have any questions and need some answers, please contact us via commenting below, through email,… Continue Reading “Wednesday Night Ministry: Let Go”

New Ministry (Wednesday Nights)

New Ministry Announcement (Wednesday Nights) from EatonCOB on Vimeo.

A New Ministry, A Not-So-New Calling

I live for the moments when a student’s eyes light up when they realize because of the Resurrection they no longer need to cling to sin. I am moved to tears when a student repents of sin and accepts Jesus as their Savior. There’s… Continue Reading “A New Ministry, A Not-So-New Calling”