Poland Mission Trip Update

We are slightly less than four weeks away from lift off. Here’s a tune and some prayer requests.

We recorded a song at a rehearsal a couple weeks ago, as one of the venues wanted to hear us ahead of time. Can’t blame them for not wanting to book a band they’ve never heard. Here’s the tune if you’d like to hear it.

Speaking of which, we’d like to invite you to our “dress rehearsal” on Tuesday, June 13 at 7 pm. We’ll be playing all the songs we’re planning to play in Poland.

Here are a few things you can be praying about.

  1. Teams currently serving in Poland. Richard Dietrich is currently in Poland, leading teams of musicians at various concerts and festivals. Pray that God’s Word will permeate the hearts of those who watch and listen. Pray for opportunities for musicians to share personally with those attending.
  2. Pray for Harken, the band ECOB is sending. We have about five remaining rehearsals. We concluded learning new songs at last night’s rehearsal. Now it’s time to polish the ones we’ve learned, some two dozen tunes, and memorize them. Pray for the health of the musicians. One of us went down for about a week, which causes us to fall behind a bit musically. Also pray for unity. We’re reaching the state of so much time spent together rehearsing that tensions start to rise. Pray that we’ll remained focused on the mission.
  3. Pray for technical details regarding audio and equipment. I’ve researched and learned a lot about programming keyboard sounds and guitar effects to run through my computer. It’s been a lot to work on, and will continue to be for the next few days when I program some more. Now, it would have been easier simply to take the big Kurzweil keyboard we usually use on Sunday mornings, but at 45+ pounds, it’s a beast, and it’d be an overweight piece of luggage to check (since the case itself is about 40 pounds), costing hundreds more than we want to spend on baggage. So we’re taking along a lighter weight keyboard that I call a dummy keyboard, since it has no sounds of its own. Those will be run through the computer. Sorry, if I’ve lost you already, but I find it quite fascinating. (My dad, if he were alive today, would be impressed at what computers have the ability to do in music.)

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.


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